Relevance of Teaching Life Skills to Children

Relevance of Teaching Life Skills to Children

Think of your regular day… If you are a married, working professional with kids how many hats do you wear in a single day? Employee hat, Spouse hat, Parent hat, Son/ daughter hat, Sibling hat, Friend hat, Colleague hat, Citizen hat....and many more.

You could beat the smartest juggler in the world with the amount of hat juggling you are unconsciously doing every day.  How does it make you feel?

While juggling multiple roles does come with a sense of accomplishment, it also leaves many people exhausted, stressed and with a feeling of inadequacy in meeting multiple role commitments.

As a parent, have you ever stopped to think that at some point your kid/s will also have to wear similar hats and juggle them at the same or probably higher speed? Irrespective of the amount of comfort and security you provide in their upbringing, your kids will grow up to be professionals like you and will inevitably wear multiple hats themselves. What are you doing to prepare your kid/s to juggle multiple roles; to lead a balanced life; to cope with real life challenges and to be happy individuals?

This is where Life Skills play an important role.

Life Skills are problem solving behaviours that can be taught, role modelled, learnt from experience or picked up from observation. Even a one year old child can be taught life skills. Parents play a very important role in the life skill learning process of their children, especially when the kids are very young.

But does teaching your children Life Skills mean taking specific time out each day to impart these skills? Not at all! Infact, it is just the opposite. By incorporating a spirit of exploration and experimentation in your everyday interactions with your child and encouraging them to assist you with day to day tasks and challenges, you can teach them valuable and lasting coping skills.

For example, when you take your 3 year old child along with you to shop for groceries, besides the thrill of pushing the shopping cart, they will also observe you looking at price of items before adding them to your shopping cart, picking up certain brands of items, checking the quality of pulses, checking the bill before making payment etc. Just by observing you, your child will learn the valuable lesson of value of money and importance of quality, to name a few.

This is just one example of a life skill that can be taught while carrying out your regular chores. There are many others like finance management, being respectful, fighting their own challenges and many more.

As a parent, above all else, the plentiful love and patience can go a long way in making your child a confident individual.

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