in.harmony is a consultancy offering customized Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Wellness and Counseling solutions to
Organisations, Institutions and Individuals

Our Program design goes through a process of -

• Diagnostic survey – to assess the current ‘feel’ state of the organization

• Analysis – breaking down the qualitative and quantitative data.

• Design – creating an intervention web.

• Implementation – execution to make the required difference applicable.


Organisation Diagnostics

Just like every individual is different, so is every organization. Each organisation has its own unique culture and its own value proposition. Unique value proposition for its stakeholders; the way things get done, the approach in the marketplace and many other factors. Therefore, what works for one organization within a certain sector, may not be true for another one operating in the same sector.

in.harmony conducts an in-depth organization diagnostic study that helps us understand the finer nuances, the thinking processes and the culture of our clients. This further enables us to provide customized solutions that are relevant for them, rather than an umbrella that fits all.

The methodology that we use is through In-Sighting dialogues in the form of Focused Group Discussions as well as One on One Discussions with employees and senior leadership teams. Depending on the requirement, online surveys are also conducted.

Gender Sensitisation

An organization can effectively leverage its gender diversity only when the genders understand each other’s language, style of working and most importantly, the conditioning and expectations from each other. Becoming aware is the first step to a change in behavior taking place.

in.harmony designs customised interventions to help create awareness in the participants on issues relating to gender stereotypes and gender biases. They help participants understand the manifestations of these biases and stereotypes at the workplace and its impact.

The interventions address the different issues faced by supervisors as well as team members. On one hand, it helps the supervisors by ensuring that they are able to deal with diversity in their teams. On the other hand, for the employees, it highlights appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

Transition Support

Motherhood is one of the most joyous events in a woman’s life. However, it also brings with it, its own set of concerns and dilemmas for a woman who is keen on pursuing a career, like effectively balancing career and personal obligations and seamless integration of the responsibility of a new born into her current life style.

We, at in.harmony, recognize this dilemma and concern of a woman.
In equal measure, we also recognize that a supervisor of a new and returning mother plays a critical role during this challenging phase. Besides being empathetic and providing support to the new mothers, they also have their own set of dilemmas and concerns on deliverables.

The Transition Notes are a series of handbooks created to address :

  • Dilemmas, Concerns and FAQs of the Supervisors and the Expectant / New mother
  • Recognition and Appreciation of each other’s perspectives

Written in a story book format, the Transition notes is an engaging way through which the organization can sensitize the women and their supervisors on how they can individually manage the phase of expectancy. This helps in creating a caring and inclusive workplace and also contributes to the retention of women employees in the organisation.

In addition, the transition notes address career concerns of women, especially at the mid management levels, usually the time when they would be requiring maternity leave.

We work with organisations to help them create harassment free workplaces.

Training for Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members:

  • Understanding the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), Act 2013.
  • Investigative and Counseling skills

Sessions for Supervisors: Education and Awareness of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), Act 2013 and their role in creating a harassment free workplace.

Sessions for Employees: Education and Awareness of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), Act 2013.

A series of workshops aimed at helping women re-awaken to their inner power!

Due to societal conditioning women tend to adopt a negative view of themselves and their capabilities: a negative body image, adopting many self-defeating and self-limiting behaviors, to name a few.

Adi-Shakti is a series of workshops that help women examine their own self-limitations and recognize and maximize their inner potential. Some of the workshop topics are:

  • Creating a positive body image
  • Self image and ideal image
  • Examining one’s own self-limiting behaviors and thoughts
  • Understanding relationship with money
  • Achieving and maintaining a work-life balance

Interactive and self-reflective in nature, AdiShakti is powerful and impactful.

Just like the cutting chai, these sessions are short, energetic and stimulating. They can be held for a group of 25-50, are highly interactive and very popular amongst our clients. A panel of expert consultants deliver these sessions. Some of the workshop topics are:

Parenting: Positive Parenting, Inclusive parenting, Maximize time spent with children, Life skills for children, How to have conversations about sex with teenagers, Teaching children to stay safe, Helicopter parents

Personal Wellness: Managing work-life balance, Singlehood- Living a safe and engaged life, Positive networking, Influencing skills

Marriage: Maximizing marriage, communication in marriage, dual career couples

Women Centric: Work-life balance, networking & boundaries, it’s your life & your choice

Diversity & Inclusion: Gender sensitization, embracing cultural diversity, appreciating LGBT

We have designed and successfully implemented interventions as a lot of it comes from our personal experiences over and above our academic background.

Counseling is a process of helping people deal with problems which impact their life. Contrary to popular belief, counseling is not about offering advice on how you should live your life or dishing out ready-made solutions to problems.

A counselor acts as a guide to help individuals get in touch with their own potential to take charge of their lives and address their specific concerns. It is also a non- judgmental space where individuals can freely talk about their issues (without fear of being judged, criticized or ridiculed), which they might otherwise hesitate to share with their family or friends.

Some issues for which counseling can be sought:

  • Relationship issues
  • Marital issues
  • Parenting concerns and dilemmas
  • Sexual concerns
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Personal growth
  • Personality issues

in.harmony offers one on one counseling to individuals and corporates.