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Our world is made up of individuals who come from different backgrounds & experiences; each bringing with them an array of ideas and working styles. Diversity exists in many forms all around us. That, in a nutshell, is the origin of in.harmony.

in.harmony was founded by Anupama Easwaran in 2014 as a mission to create inclusive workplaces. Coming from the Armed Forces background and over 19 years of work experience, Anupama has lived in many cities within India as well as abroad. She has immense experience and understanding of diversity, and the challenges and joy of inclusion; all of which influenced the creation of in.harmony.

At in.harmony, we appreciate individuality and seek innovative ways to create an inclusive environment that not only leverages, but also retains the individuality. Theatre, Music, Dance, Sports, Writing and Facilitation are the medium we work with.

in.harmony caters to companies across varied industries like IT, Manufacturing, FMCG, Medical diagnostics, Retail, Media, Banking. We aim to inspire each employee of an organization to feel respected, valued and cherished while they continue to meet the business goals of their respective organisations.

Everything we do is interlinked & affects the other. We are all connected. Nothing in the universe is wasted as it all transforms into another.

It is this Circle of Life which is at the core of in.harmony and guides our value system :

Compassion – Compassion for self, others and the environment motivates our desire to help.

Integrity - We are hard-nosed on adherence to moral and ethical principles.

Respect – We recognize differences exist and respect them with dignity and care.

Courage – Drives our innovative spirit.

Limitless – Motivated to expand our horizons.

Enjoy – The Circle is not complete until there is a celebration of not only the achievements but also a celebration of life.

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in.harmony is a consultancy offering customized Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Wellness and Counseling solutions to Organisations, Institutions and Individuals